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Excursions and day trips from Vodice

Tours in Vodice will certainly leave you out of breath! 4 national parks - Kornati, Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Paklenica, the biggest lake in Croatia, with a variety of bird species - Vrana, historic town of Sibenik, the river Cetina and island Prvic are the locations where you would like to remain permanently, or at the very least go back once more.

Prvic island

Excursions and day trips from Vodice

Prvic is an island immediately beside towns of Vodice and Sibenik to which it is linked throughout the year by regular boat lines. There are 2 traditional Dalmatian settlements on the island: Prvic Luka and Sepurine, linked to each other by a kilometer long path. Prvić Luka is among the preferred places for sailors cruising via central Dalmatia as a result of the secured bay Luka, however also as a result of the simple fact that it is an haven of calmness and silent. The parish church originates from the 15th century and there's a Franciscan abbey constructed in 15th century. On the NW area of the island is Sepurine, established in the 16th century by the residents of Srima, a village close to Vodice . The Church of St Helena is truly worth a survey for its thoroughly ornamented wooden Baroque altar.

Nature Park Vrana Lake

20 kilometres of town Vodice is one more tourist attraction, the biggest lake in the whole country - the Vrana Lake Nature Park. Vrana Lake is proud of 241 various species of birds. If you enjoy sporting activities, you'll be delighted! The mix of enjoyable and beneficial will result in final perfection! Cycling, sportfishing and wind-surfing are just a few of the sports that a person can participate in during the course of the journey to this gorgeous lake. This lake is exclusive considering that it cryptodepression of-4m, meanings it is 4 meters beneath sea level. The main reason for this is a stone field that is loadeded with water. A journey to the 3 pointed out locations is practically a required thing, considering that these are remarkable spots nearby during the course of your vacation in Vodice.

National Park Kornati

Excursions and day trips from Vodice

Geographic location of the park is in the central area of Croatian Adriatic Sea, approximately 7 Nautical mile from Murter and around 15 Nautical mile from Sibenik or Zadar. You can explore Kornati islands by any type of sea-going boat, possibly your personal motorboat or using the transport service of some local boatman or touristic company in Murter or some other town on the Adriatic shoreline. There are no hotels and resorts on the Kornati Islands but there is a wide range of private accommodation that need to be booked prior to your arrival. The Kornati National park is opened through the entire year, you can have a good time in the tranquility and peacefulness of the natural sea atmosphere and the uncontaminated air. This area is perfect for water sporting activities (wind-surfing, sport-recreational angling, snorkeling, swimming) and for those who take pleasure in privacy, better known as Robinson tourism. These kinds of things make your trip to the Kornati National park a one-of-a-kind journey! If you try it, you will know what we are talking about!

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The national park was established in 1949 and is settled in the hilly karst region of central Croatia, at the borderline to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The crucial north-south road link, that goes through the national park area, links the Croatian hinterland with the Adriatic coast area. Being located halfway between Zagreb and Split this outstanding National Park, made up of 19.5 hectares of forests, lakes and falls, is among Croatia's top attractions, its most prominent National Park and a World Heritage Site. The 16 lakes are a spectacular blue-green and spill over into waterfalls and gurgling flows. There's no inappropriate time of year to check out Plitvice Lakes. In winter season the frosted waterfalls are spectacular; in summertime the rich greenery is unwinding; in spring season and fall the water amount is highest possible. Beware however, that the park is swamped with travelers in July and August.

National Park Krka

Excursions and day trips from Vodice

National Park Krka is located just 25km close to Vodice. It is considered the jewel of this wonderful area. It is defined by spotless river Krka that streams via a deep canyon which size is over 75km. Approximately 2/3 of the course of the Krka river belongs to the national park that includes the majority of the river lakes and the 2 greatest falls systems: Roski slap and Skradinski buk. From Skradin, take a quick motorboat trip to Skradinski buk and then discover the waterfalls by timbered pathway. The most effective characteristic is that, in contrast to Plitvice Lakes, you can go for a swim in the lower lake. Contact the National Park Office prior to your arrival and try to acquire the boat timetable so you can explore the complete park. There is no holiday accommodation inside the forested region but the primary town in Krka National Park is Skradin where there is a lot of overnight accommodation.

National Park Paklenica

Excursions and day trips from Vodice

Paklenica National Park is positioned at the base of the Velebit Hills, 90 kilometres from Vodice. Regarded by many the most concealed nature park, so not a great deal of travelers explore it, but to say that there is nothing at all to see here in this gorgeous natural location, would be a lie. Big rocks and greenery define this attractive Croatian nature retreat. It includes Small and Large Paklenica, their valleys cut into the foot of Velebit. Journeys to this park are especially advised to folks with breathing issues, symptoms of asthma or any kind of other comparable disorders, due to the fact that the air is so clean that decreases and deals with all breathing problems!

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